Sunday, July 8, 2007

Homeless Chic

Can homeless people travel like us?



First of all Homeless people don't have friends in other cities... So why would they need to fly if not just to get some free soda.

Second of all the TSA only allows quart size plastic bags. That shit would get confiscated in a gigasecond and southwest would have a lawsuit from a homeless golddigger even faster. Even a fucking immigrant would know that.

And furthermore. I dont want to sit next to a dude that hasn't washed his balls in 10 years. Maybe 5 years, but 10 is crossing the line.

But the ad is funny, I really like the derelict art direction. The gray really makes southwest seem like a cheery brand.

kanuck said...

people don't just travel to meet friends. sometimes they travel to get free crack and aids.

second of all this "baggage" was clearly checked in. it's on the baggage carousel, buttkiss. and you can have giant fucking bags and giant fucking liquids in your checked suitcase or shopping cart.

but this ad still sucks. not to mention it's extremely offensive. they should have picked something less controversial like jews.

oneeyedwilly said...

This must be the San Francisco airport.

Pamplemousse said...

this ad sucks.

you're dead on with the target market, though. have you ever seen that show 'Airline' on A&E where it's like a reality show about Southwest? every passenger is either drunk, crazy or homeless.Plus, Southwest is in Texas, a state which exports nothing but derelicts and drunks. So you nailed that. Everything else just sucks. If I saw this ad, I wouldn't fly Southwest even if they gave out free handjobs. Thanks for taking that fantasy away from me, btw.

kanuck, cool it on the jew jokes. between the blatant display of prejudice with the damn Chase ad last week and now anti-semetic bullshit in the posts, this blog is turning into Hitler youth rallying point.

Next excuse for an ad, please.

Homeless Frank said...


Calm the fuck down. I live on the street and Southwest is the only airline that will let me fly when I need to go to another homeless place. When I saw this ad, i actually thought that was my baggage. Life is funny, huh? No, it's not.