Wednesday, August 8, 2007

there's no first base in tennis


kanuck said...

i just ralphed.


this ad may have been entertaining if after LOVE GAME came something like skull fucking or molesting a small marsupial. But no, something as exciting as Tennis. Sweet. Can't wait to watch some bank sponsored event suck ass as much as all the others. Thank you chase bank for making me realize I'm as untalented at tennis and money as I am at everything else.

The art direction sucks.

oneeyedwilly said...

Puulease. Can we stop with the fucking sex jokes in advertising. And checkboxes?! This ad looks like it was created in Word. By a blind person. With a really awesome seeing eye dog. That can use word. But can't do advertising.

"Kiss Neck?" Come on. "Lick Balls" would have at least been funny.

Pamplemousse said...

I guess preparing for the US Open involves stabbing your eyes, because that's what I just did after looking at this down's syndromed-orphan of an ad.

I do love the sugar cubes with the the words on them. It makes me think of a cup of hot tea and how I would love to throw one in my face right now, punishing it for giving this ad a second look.

I think I'll play some tennis right now, get my ass and genital region nice and sweaty, then wipe that general region with this ad.

Your choice. Your Chase. Your sweaty genital-smelling ad.