Monday, August 6, 2007

pie chart


Camiseta Personalizada said...

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John Goodman said...

That's all I get? Come on. Did you see me in Coyote Ugly? I downed a bucket of fried chicken in take 1.

kanuck said...

i just farted.


How many times is someone going to use this visual pun. Go back to fucking ad school, if you even went to one. The half retarded italian kid with his balls sticking to his white linen pants in our class could have done a better ad than this shit.

On another note, how insensitive can you be? Don't you think John Goodman realizes he just ate 7 small children. Does he really need to be reminded that he could infact also eat this pizza to as an afterthought? God you're so insensitive, I bet you also dry off after a scalding hot shower with dead kittens, you freak.

kanuck said...

i got in trouble by sharon buttfuck for not writing a longer comment so here i go.
this ad fucking blows.
i can't believe that frozen pizza even agreed to do this. that must've been one desperate pie.
also, the little drop shadow under the two bottom slices is so pathetic it makes me want to eat the pizza, puke it up back on the page and change the copy to "percentage impact this ad had on my stomach".
my ride to the video arcade is here, i will continue later.

Pamplemousse said...

This piece of shit looks like it was art directed by my dead dog, Harvey Firedouche. That's right. I douched her with fire. And named her Harvey.

Seriously though, back to the monstrosity at hand. Can anyone decipher the first line? Maybe the kindergartener who wrote it can help us out. Right after he/she puts the damn blocks away and washes for lunch. "Percentage impact"? Is that even English?

And taking a piss on John Goodman? Please. The guy was in Lebowski, and he carried it. Whoever made this ad wouldnt be worthy enough to lick Goodman's taint.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Camiseta Personalizada..

i have a t-shirt you could wear. It says "I'm a dirty donkey douchebag" and there's a big arrow pointing up. HAHahahahaha.



That was so funny.